Who’s Rach?

Rather than write a whole new introduction, I’m just going to amend a few things; everything in italics and brackets is 2016 Rach.

Rach is a 22-year-old(24 in December), two-time college drop-out, thrown into the world of blogging (blogging was a requirement for college number 2). Still finding her blogging feet, Rach asks for your patience while she tries to organise her thoughts (basically, I don’t know what I’m doing). She’s now making her third attempt at college and apologises for the lack of posts (I’ve actually graduated now… still too lazy to blog regularly).

The majority of her posts are about her life; both the good times and the bad (mainly the bad, ’cause I’m a whinge). If you choose to join Rach on her journey you’ll soon notice that she likes to use this blog to not only vent and rant but also to celebrate the things that go right in her life (I don’t really know what direction this blog is going in, hoping it’s a monetized one though).

Some posts may be a bit serious, others light-hearted (meh). They can be long or short, funny or boring but one thing is for sure, they’re never consistent (short: normally, funny: arguable, inconsistent: for sure)! If you’re in to a reading an honest blog every now and then, stick around (this bit is alright).

Don’t let me make up your mind for you though, if you really want to know who Rach is, have a look at her posts and if you like what you read, why not have a cheeky reblog or follow? Now, get off this page and back to the one that matters! (This part is utter cringe but by keeping it, I’m hoping it shows you how much I’ve grown and then you’ll be like “Wow if she was that bad in 2011, and she’s okay in 2016, imagine how amazing she’ll be in 2021” and then I’ll get offered a book deal and we can all be friends and stuff)

Thank you (cheers)

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