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The Hunchback of Notmuch Goingon

Fronds, how are we? It’s ya gurl, Rach, here with a blog post fresh out the kitchen, laden with shit writing and not much else. Wayoo!

It’s been a lil’ while since my last post. As you might have guessed, with my stubborn streak being the only thing strong in my body, I turned down the Galway job. The overall reason is that I really couldn’t imagine myself in such a formal role and then a million other smaller reasons. So what am I doing now?

I’ve started a night course in Make-Up artistry. I’ve only had one class so far but I really like it. I also really liked spending €180 on supplies, that I genuinely needed, albeit I could have gone cheaper. I liked checking my bank balance after a lot less. So it would turn out that my weakest subject throughout my 14 years of state education is still causing trouble for me. My budget calculations and impulse control problems mean I have approximately 4 weeks to find a job, or I will default on my loan, car insurance, and most importantly, Netflix. So, as you can imagine I’m a bit stressed.

The shit has hit the fan. I applied for a role in a pharmacy due to open in a neighbouring town. I would be working with cosmetics, be able to live at home and save some funds… but I haven’t heard anything since the initial e-mail they sent three weeks ago. It would be ideal with my whole plan of going into make-up as a potential career, but I can’t afford to wait for an interview. I e-mailed them back today to “follow up”, they’re still advertising, and I’m really hopeful that I’ll get a positive reply on Tuesday morning. Please employment Jesus, help me.

Anyway, other than my impending bankruptcy, nothing much has been going on. Hence the title. My only other update is that I’ve rejoined Slimming World and I’m actively trying to eat less pizza and doritos but I think I’ll save that post for when I’ve a good few pounds shed. With that I’ll bid ye adieu and, fingers crossed, my next post will be about my new job selling and applying make-up… and how unbelievably toned I am.

I’ll take the former.





I'm a 24-year-old aspiring writer. What that means is a mystery to me. I just don't want to work a 9-5 job all my life so I'm hoping someday somebody might read a post and offer me a book deal even though I don't read enough books to write one. Hire me, thanks.

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