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I’m coming back!

Hello?! Is there anybody here? … You’re still here? It’s me, Rach. I’m staying true to my signature blogging style and updating after months of inactivity.

I’m writing this just to assure you all that I’m still here and doing well. I will write proper posts on what’s been going on in Rachland. Nothing major though, just what I’ve been up to since July 13th. I’m going to break them down into sections. College, family, money and me. Thank you for staying around and here’s to a year of happiness, health and more writing.





I'm a 24-year-old aspiring writer. What that means is a mystery to me. I just don't want to work a 9-5 job all my life so I'm hoping someday somebody might read a post and offer me a book deal even though I don't read enough books to write one. Hire me, thanks.

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