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Heatwaves and Happiness.

Hello! Long time no… type?

Rachland update in 3…2…1….

Ireland, which is where I live, is currently experiencing a heatwave and it’s both great and horrific at the same time. My home town is  paradise in the sun. I live in a coastal area and there’s beaches five minutes away in almost every direction. It’s great… when you want to be out in it. Where it gets a bit shit is at night when you want to sleep but your bedroom is hotter than hell. Seriously, I’m sleeping in a sauna. I woke up with a nasty heat rash this morning and naturally, being the hypochondriac that I am, I informed my Mother that I had Meningitis.

I really shouldn’t complain though, all of Ireland are genuinely terrified that if we speak ill of the weather the sun will leave and we won’t see it again. After all this is the best summer we have had in years. Even if there are talks of water shortages. So seeing as we have warm, dry, sunny days, I have been out doing typical summery things. Barbecues, Beaches, Blisters… Seriously, sunburn hurts.

I’m really enjoying my new job. I actually like what I’m doing. It’s only deli/till assistant work but having my own money again after 8 months of hand-outs from dad (Thanks Papi!) is wonderful! I’ve been meeting up with friends and just be having a generally great summer.

I’m happy right now and I’m going to blog about it. So that was a quick update. I’ll leave you with some of my favourite summer pictures, that I’ve taken so far. Now, where is that Aloe Vera, my arms are on fire!


Slea Head Drive with my Roommates. Got to visit the girls and go sight seeing.


Ventry, Dingle with the roomies


Family barbecue. Auntie made some gorgeous food! Great day


Desserts! Same barbecue. More great food.


Just one of the many local beaches. Beautiful.


Ventry, Dingle


Barbecue set-up.


We made Pimms. It was not nice. Still regretting following the recipe on the bottle. Cucumbers are not nice.


Signing my name on a cliff face in Co. Kerry.


Enjoying the sun while listening to my cousin playing some summery ukulele.




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